With the commercial soup kettles from the Bistro brand, EMGA not only has a suitable solution for keeping soups warm, but also for sauces and curry dishes, etc. All Bistro countertop soup kettles may only be used au Bain Marie.

Soup Kettle Bistro available at EMGA
The countertop Bistro soup kettles are available in various colors: black, rustic gray or brown and stainless steel. There is a suitable look for every buffet setup. The Bistro soup kettle warmers are equipped with a 10 liter stainless steel inner pan. A black soup kettle from Bistro is also available with a capacity of 13 liters.

With the supplied magnetic strips you have the option of placing a text on the soup kettle. This makes it immediately clear what kind of soup or sauce it contains, without having to lift the lid. In addition, the Bistro soup kettles have a hinged lid with spoon recess, thermostat and indicator light.

Soup kettle Bain-marie
The commercial soup kettles of the Bistro brand are easy to use. You only need to fill the kettle (between the housing and the inner pan) with a layer of water. The soup kettle heats the liquid in the inner pan by means of the au bain-marie cooking technique. The temperature can be easily set with the handy rotary knob. This allows you to keep all kinds of dishes warm in the soup kettle, from soup and sauces to hot dogs and satay sticks. A countertop black soup kettle from Bistro is also available with a digital thermostat. The stainless steel inner pan is removable, making it easy to clean.

Order Bistro products at EMGA
EMGA International B.V. is an importer / distributor of all types of equipment and supplies for hotels, restaurants, cafes and all other catering companies. If you want to place an order, delivery will of course be made through your own trusted wholesaler. The wholesaler is your and our trading partner!

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Retro suppekjele modell retro rød | 10,4liter | B312/398xH342/365mm | SARO Germany | SAR0WA | 175-2200 | 249295

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