Hotels, restaurants, cafes and other catering companies cannot avoid a large amount of dirty glasses, plates and cutlery. The CaterRacks washing racks for the hospitality industry have been specially developed for an efficient solution for all your dishes and storage. The robust commercial washing racks reduce the risk of breakage, are space-saving and the extra large mesh size ensures optimum washing results. The CaterRacks washing racks are made entirely of special polypropylene and guarantee years of trouble-free service life.

Assortment of CaterRacks at EMGA
The commercial dishwasher racks suitable for your dishes are available in various types, such as universal, cutlery and beaker racks. Washing racks are also available for plates and trays. The CaterRacks are also suitable for professional storage and are delivered ready to use. Various divisions and choices in height are offered. This keeps all glasses, including wine glasses with a foot, firmly in place during washing or rinsing.

Cutlery baskets
There are several options for washing cutlery or flatware. You can choose a round or angular cutlery beaker in combination with a cutlery beaker rack. You can easily keep your cutlery sorted by, for example, putting all spoons in a cutlery beaker. Do you prefer to wash everything together? Then a cutlery insert/carrying basket is for you. You can then easily place this basket in a universal dishwasher basket with other dishes. Finally, a commercial flatware rack is available where you place all the cutlery on a fine-meshed bottom.

For cleaning, storage and transport
With the extender you create more distance between them when the full dishwashing racks are stacked on top of each other. And thanks to the handy CaterRacks clips in cheerful colors, you can easily distinguish between the different types of racks. In combination with the available accessories, transport trolley, lid and cutlery basket, the CaterRack dishwasher racks are the ideal solution for cleaning, storage and transport for the hospitality industry.

Order CaterRacks washing racks from EMGA
CaterRacks dishwashing racks will be ordered through your own trusted wholesaler. The wholesaler is your and our trading partner! EMGA International B.V. is an importer / distributor of all types of equipment and supplies for hotels, restaurants, cafes and all other catering companies.

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