Max Pro is EMGA’s professional private label when it comes to commercial food warming equipment and buffet supplies. This brand was added to the EMGA range at the beginning of 2000. Max Pro offers a wide range with a strong price-quality ratio.

Max Pro Foodwarming Systems at EMGA
The Max Pro range has various solutions for your kitchen or your buffet. The commercial bain marie from Max Pro are made of double-walled stainless steel with deep-drawn seamless compartments and are individually adjustable. The gastronorm bain maries are available as table models and as commercial bain marie trolleys in various sizes.

Max Pro also has various bain marie food warmers, hot dispensers and chocolate warmers with round pots in its range. All are made of stainless steel, have a compact design, are individually adjustable and equipped with an indicator light.

Max Pro chafing dishes
There are also a large number of chafers available within the Max Pro range. From round models with a T-handle lid to rectangular chafing dishes with roller lids. The chafing dish buffet set comes complete with food pan and fuel paste holders. By default, the size GN1/1 is used for the food pan, but you can also replace it with smaller size GN containers. Depending on the portions and quantity, you can also use, for example, two ½ GN containers.

All warming equipment for your buffet
A catering chafing dish from Max Pro can be used for various purposes and events. For example, you can serve scrambled eggs or fried sausages at a breakfast buffet. But also think of a dinner where you present delicious hot dishes. In addition, Max Pro also has various bar garnish units and sauce/dressing bars with which you can complete your buffet. Max Pro offers a suitable solution for every wish.

Order Max Pro Foodwarming Systems products from EMGA
EMGA International B.V. is an importer / distributor of all types of equipment and supplies for hotels, restaurants, cafes and all other catering companies. If you want to place an order, delivery will of course be made through your own trusted wholesaler. The wholesaler is your and our trading partner!

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Sjokoladevarmer | 4,5 liter | B263XD290XH290 | MaxPro | EMXCEA | 921551

Opprinnelig pris var: kr5,280.00.Nåværende pris er: kr3,696.00. inkl.mva kr4,620.00

Stavmikser | 58 cm | 400W | MaxPro | EMXKBB | 330012

Opprinnelig pris var: kr6,280.00.Nåværende pris er: kr4,396.00. inkl.mva kr5,495.00

Stavmikser kombi | 38 cm | 400W | MaxPro | EMXEHB | 330015

Opprinnelig pris var: kr7,400.00.Nåværende pris er: kr5,180.00. inkl.mva kr6,475.00

Sjokoladevarmer | 4,5 liter | dobbel | B503XD290XH290mm | MaxPro | EMXFKB | 921552

Opprinnelig pris var: kr8,880.00.Nåværende pris er: kr6,216.00. inkl.mva kr7,770.00

Bain marie | 1/1 GN | B745XD655XH305mm | MaxPro | EMXBCH | 921251

Opprinnelig pris var: kr22,760.00.Nåværende pris er: kr15,932.00. inkl.mva kr19,915.00

Bain marie 1/1 GN | B1095XD655XH306 | MaxPro | HOXFBW | 921252

Opprinnelig pris var: kr27,040.00.Nåværende pris er: kr18,928.00. inkl.mva kr23,660.00