48 years at the heart of your cooking

Founded in 1973, Vimitex is a family-owned, second-generation catering equipment manufacturing company. Based in Thessaloniki, Greece, with more than 40 years of experience in the foodservice industry, it has managed to achieve a strong international presence and build a reputation for reliability, durability and excellent customer service.

The company’s production line includes patented gas & electric cooking appliances for professional use, such as griddles and fry tops, cookers and oven ranges, boiling tops, döner kebab machines, fryers, pasta cookers, food warmers and crepe machines.

All appliances are designed and manufactured exclusively in our factory in Greece using the latest technology control and safety systems as well as high quality components and materials and since 1998 the company implements a Quality Management System in accordance with the standard ISO 9001.

Through years of research and development Vimitex has become synonymous with profound knowledge and expertise in the field of catering equipment. Our quality, in combination with the very competitive prices and our consistently powerful presence in the food service domain guarantee effective long term cooperation with our customers.

Many of our products were designed in collaboration with the product designer Athanasios Babalis

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WOK-Ring | VIMTEX | EMXFB | 305100

Opprinnelig pris var: kr1,040.00.Nåværende pris er: kr728.00. inkl.mva kr910.00

Gass koketopp | 9KW | B500XD625XH670mm | VIMITEX | EMXAKB | 305110

Opprinnelig pris var: kr14,760.00.Nåværende pris er: kr10,332.00. inkl.mva kr12,915.00