THERMO FUTURE BOX is the registered trademark of the company Barth GmbH with headquarters in 73278 Schlierbach near Stuttgart. From here the first THERMO FUTURE BOXES went around the world in 2001.

Our development team for THERMO FUTURE BOX has set itself the goal of creating practical and sustainable products. We combine good functionality, attractive design, easy handling and safety. We also place great emphasis on sustainability, so we only use environmentally friendly EPP (expanded polypropylene) for our boxes.

We set the bar very high. As a forward thinker it is important to be the first to be present on the market with new ideas. True to the motto: we move the market!

Individual development
In addition to the extensive standard program, we develop individual problem solutions especially for your needs. The development of new concepts of EPP boxes has not only four corners. There is a lot more behind them, and it is often the small, well thought-out details that turn a box into a perfectly functioning product.

We produce the boxes almost exclusively in Germany. Today, we manufacture the entire range of over one hundred different EPP products at four locations throughout Europe.

EPP is a wonderful material available to our development team. An all-rounder with decisive advantages for the development of sustainable reusable packaging. EPP is dimensionally stable, extremely robust, temperature-resistant from – 40 to + 120 °C, insulating, food-safe, odourless and recyclable.

Production with EPP material requires, in addition to the actual production machine and a tool, only water, steam and pressure. Particularly important for the environment: both the production and the processing of the EPP particles are environmentally friendly and without CFCs.

With THERMO FUTURE BOXES made of EPP, you can live and work sustainably. They keep food fresh longer without additional energy expenditure and thus reduce food waste. These reusable transport packaging is intended for repeated professional use over several years, even under harsher climatic conditions or under heavy use. At the end of their life cycle they are 100% recyclable.

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