Quality through Experience
For more than 100 years waffle makers have been produced in the Neumärker Manufactory. And still the long-time employees of our family business carefully manufacture the devices from the Neumärker Manufactory by hand.

The Neumärker Manufactory exists in Hemer Westig since the early 20th century. The industrial region of South Westphalia is characterised by a profound middle-class culture and is one of the most important industrial regions in Germany with a focus on the manufacturing sector. Based in the green idyll of Hemer, the Neumärker Manufaktur today breathes life into professional gastronomy appliances.

The history of the Neumärker Manufactory began as an iron foundry where electric waffle makers and flat irons were already being produced during the early 1920s. The production of professional contact grills for the catering industry also began over 50 years ago. The long experience with iron casting and metal processing as well as the down-to-earth and sincere manner of the people from the Sauerland made Neumärker what it is today. Longevity, personal contact and trust characterise the values of the company and its employees.

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Støpejernsplater | Brussel vaffel | Neumärker | EMXDDB | 308075

Opprinnelig pris var: kr7,040.00.Nåværende pris er: kr4,576.00. inkl.mva kr5,720.00

Støpejernsplater | hjertevaffel | Neumärker | EMXDDB | 308079

Opprinnelig pris var: kr7,040.00.Nåværende pris er: kr4,576.00. inkl.mva kr5,720.00

Vaffeljern | B305XD450XH320mm | Neumärker | EMXEAF | 308070

Opprinnelig pris var: kr17,160.00.Nåværende pris er: kr11,154.00. inkl.mva kr13,942.50

Vaffeljern vaffel pinner | 2,2kw | B310XD340XH250mm | Neumärker | EMXDBF | 308173

Opprinnelig pris var: kr17,360.00.Nåværende pris er: kr11,284.00. inkl.mva kr14,105.00

Vaffeljern | 400W | 3fase | B605XD450XH320mm | Neumärker | EMXHCAA | 308071

Opprinnelig pris var: kr29,680.00.Nåværende pris er: kr19,292.00. inkl.mva kr24,115.00