For 200 years, authenticity, passion and commitment have been the values at the core of our business, knowledge and expertise.

We design and manufacture utensils, continuously innovating to precisely meet the needs of both catering professionals and home cooks.

Like all lovers of good food, we have a passion for tasty and nutritious cuisine. In contrast with today’s culture of instant gratification and ready meals, we want to help each individual to achieve fulfillment by taking back control of their diet. We support a concept of cooking that requires time and effort.

Awarded a «Living Heritage Company» label by the French state, we continue to maintain our artisanal spirit and our passion for precise, high-quality work carried out with care. We campaign for responsible and educated consumption : our products are made to last !
We promote environmentally friendly manufacturing processes that protect the beautiful Vosges area. We are the first culinary-sector business in France to receive a «exemplary level of CRS commitment» label from AFNOR, notably for the care taken to ensure the well-being of our employees.

Dedicated to upholding our values and mastering our trade, our products, actions and individual expertise help breathe additional life and soul into the cooking process. After all :

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Ingen produkter ble funnet som passer dine valg.