ViboCold Danmark
Temperature-regulating equipment that creates space for good business
It requires optimum storage and attractive presentation to transform fresh foods and drinks into delicious meals and refreshments. This kind of storage is our strenght.
As the leading supplier of commercial equipment for cooling, freezing and heating in the Nordic countries, we honour the enhancing smells and flavours of food and drinks alike. We supply to all kinds of retail outlets, cafés and restaurants.

In describing ourselves, we say that we are more than cool. And for us, this is not an empty statement.

We offer both standard and customised solutions to meet all requirements, sizes and capacities. In addition, we are taking the lead in offering our customers the best solutions in the industry.

Our customers’ success is our success – and what drives us in all we do.

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Kjøledisk for konditori med 4 hyller | B1800xD800xH1400mm | MASTRO MAS-H18FNE084 | 236540

Opprinnelig pris var: kr85,600.00.Nåværende pris er: kr59,920.00. inkl.mva kr74,900.00